Tuesday, 16 April 2013

about me.

Hey There Internet! 

I have learned a lot about you since my last foray into blogging over at Gran in Training. As such, I have decided to create a new space that fits my current style and challenges me to take this whole 'coding a webspace' thing to the next level. 

My intention here at 'lofty pines' is to house my creative endeavors and to keep a record of everything going on in my life. I ADORE reading blogs and have always wanted to have a space that represents me to the best of my abilities. I have dabbled in blogging for as long as I can remember (oh, hi live journal!) so basically, this is my latest attempt at creating a space for myself. 

I plan to use this blog as motivation to craft, photograph, cook and write. I need some accountability in my life in order to get things done. So, if you are following along I truly thank you! 

My name is Joanna and I hope to find our your name too!

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  1. I like your blog, would you do me the favor of checking out mine? We seem to have things in common! Cheers Joanna