Tuesday, 30 April 2013

music in the fog city.

Saint John, you truly have your own brand of charm. I truly think that the path we are on will hopefully make more things happen in this little town. From the architecture to the weird (totally natural) rustic and rundown feel, this town has a diamond in the rough quality that is UNPARALLELED. Obviously someone else has recognized this since we had a legit Nashville country kid come through and film the following video in collaboration with Hemmings House

I don't know about you, but I find it totally cool to see where I live on film. i think if I lived in NYC my head would probably explode. I get excited about saying (in my own head) 'I KNOW WHERE THAT IS'.
Confession: I used to collect Country Weekly magazines in my youth and literally plastered the wall with them in my room. My gaggle of sisters can attest to this. I really wish i had a picture since it was quite ridiculous since George Strait was on the cover like every three weeks. As such, this catchy little number is quite appealing! I hope it goes to number 1 for weeks and weeks! 


  1. wow, you were right babe, great video!!

    1. My first comment ever!! Thank you honey! :)