Sunday, 5 May 2013

blissful birthday weekend.

I had quite possibly, the best birthday weekend a girl could have asked for. My darling husband planned an incredible surprise party and invited all of our friends and family. We had a huge feast from Peddlers Creek and enjoyed lots of delicious beer and wine.  

I feel so lucky to have these people in my life. I was showered with gifts and love and awesomeness this whole weekend. Now we are off for some ice cream and park time with the monkey to end this wonderful 29th year. 

My mother also gave me the sweetest drawing of Neil and I. I was BLOWN away by the drawing of the photo below!! 

I am so lucky to live so close to my fam and friends. Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. wow! that drawing turned out amazing!

    1. Isn't it crazy! My mom had these pencil drawings done of us when we were little kids and she found the artist again recently. (One good use for Facebook!!)