Friday, 24 May 2013

food journey.

As most women I know, I have had a topsy turvey type of relationship with food. Throughout the years I have gotten on bandwagons as quickly as I have jumped off of them. From veganism to no-wheat to clean eating, I have done them all. Same goes for exercise routines. Insanity and 10 minutes a day are just some of the workout regiments I have tried. 

My biggest problem is that I have always chased after the quick fix. The : 'get me skinny in 30 days' routine. My latest foray was (of course) before I went on vacation to Jamaica this past February. I got on the HIIT training craze and worked out everyday religiously. Like a maniac. I tracked everything on My Fitness Pal and did everything to the letter. Once again, after I came home and this routine quickly fizzled out. 

The most important thing to note is that I am by no means overweight. My sister went to a conference where she saw Jillian Michaels speak and she spoke of my conundrum. 

The 'vanity' poundage. 

Also known as those last 10 that you would prefer gone but are not putting you in any real health danger. They are the hardest to devote yourself to losing and keeping off. 

Me especially.

To keep those pesky pounds gone I have to say goodbye to a number of things. Basically snacking at all is not possible. As well as beer and most carbs. (major travesty) 

I have been inspired recently by a few bloggers who have re-evaluated their relationships with food. See here, here and here

Oh and just Jennifer Lawrence in general:

I enjoy the way healthy food and exercise make me feel. I completed the Simply for Life program twice in my life and have learned so much about how to eat and how to incorporate quality food into my life. 

However, I am done being fearful of certain foods like CANDY for instance. I understand there are dyes and preservatives and on and on and on that I am sure will shave some years off of my life because I indulge. When it comes down to it though, I have a hard time believing that my sweet tart obsession is going to be the key to my ultimate demise. 

I want to stop weighing myself, counting calories and measuring out tablespoons of salad dressing. I want to go to the gym and enjoy my workouts instead of worrying that I need to go harder or else I can't have item X later. There are so many more important things to be concerned about and interested in. 

I titled this post food journey because it is just that. It is something I am continuing on and as such, there are sure to be more bumps in the road. I know so many beautiful, strong women who look perfect just the way they are but are not happy when they look in the mirror. My next step on this journey is to stop demonizing food and to start truly enjoying how lucky I am to have so many incredible options around me. 

Like seasoned Atlantic Salmon with fiddleheads with lemon, olive oil & salt. I went to town on the olive oil. No measuring utensils to be found!

New favorite vino : 19 Crimes Shiraz Durif

I am making a vow to enjoy everything and to be mindful as best I can. 

Who is with me!?

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  1. Those fiddleheads & that salmon look dangerously good. Teach me your ways!!!