Thursday, 9 May 2013

real deal.

I have mentioned here before that I think of my town as a sort of 'diamond in the rough'. I grew up here. My parents grew up here. My grandparents grew up here. Even my GREAT grandparents grew up here. It seems insane to think that one family, on both sides, could have such a severe attachment to one city. You can even find some of my Irish 'Killen' and Lebanese 'Hattie' ancestors in shipping manifests at the regional library. It isn't totally normal in this day and age to be able to say that. 

People grow up, go to school, realize its a big BIG accessible world out there and they often leave. I went to a Fusion SJ event that was honing in on this very fact. My friend Harry helped complete a study of area youth with an initiative called Vital Youth Saint John that came to the conclusion that a portion of city youth are restless, unsatisfied and simply, begging for graduation day so they can boot it out of here. The study was quite interesting and I was glad to be able to see for myself that the city leader's are listening and ready to help make a change.

However, I can't say that Saint John and I have always had the same love affair that I denoted earlier. I have watched my husband and mother struggle every step of the way in trying to create and run businesses in the uptown area. We need to support each other but financially, almost all of us are in a rut. 

This is where Uptown Saint John comes in. Charged with trying to inspire a sense of vibrancy in our community, this incredible gang of folks is doing their best to encourage a feeling of pride among us. Thankfully there are people who care, who promote and who maintain their positivity throughout the landslide of economic struggles. 

When I get the doldrums about this town it is incredibly satisfying to see people out there TRYING. This is why I was over the moon when I got an email from Barb over at barbbarbbarb regarding an incredible opportunity to be part of an exciting Saint John event! 

On June 6th, I will be part of the paparazzi for the Live Life Uptown Awards. I shall be snapping photos of fellow townies in their finest red, white and/or black. To be reached out to made me feel a giddy sense of pride about this fair city. The creators of this event are seriously impressive individuals. 

I have never been a part of something like this before so I am already shaking in my boots but I want to start being a part of making this place BETTER/MORE EXCITING/INTERESTING. 

If you are a tried and true Saint Johner and have some insight on who you think rocks in our port town go VOTE!

As for you lucky nominees get ready for THIS IN YO FACE on the red carpet:


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    1. Thanks Barb!! You're my real SJ idol :)

  2. Glad to see some reasonable positivity - hope to see you and barb at our next live comedy / music event uptown at the SJTC.

  3. Such a wonderful surprise to see/read this. I am so glad to be working together! Thanks for your involvement in all that you do Joanna! xo

    1. That means a lot coming from you Judith!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  4. Um, you are fantastic! & I love this article! Can't wait to see you at the LLA's