Monday, 20 May 2013

victoria's weekend.

We spent a very freezing cold Victoria day weekend close to home and enjoyed taking a little overnight trip to Moncton for some swimming & farmer's marketing. 

Neil had such a strange reaction to the pool at the hotel. As soon as we entered he immediately started bawling. He cuddled into me and remained glued for quite sometime. 

He seemed overly traumatized by the screaming kids and pool scene. We tried a couple of times to get him to come into the pool with me but it was just not happening. 

After a while I decided to go sit in the Jacuzzi tub to see if he didn't mind putting his toes in it. He finally started to lighten up a bit once we went up there. He sat on the edge and would dip a toe now and again so we decided to try the pool a third time. 

I sat him on the side of the pool and stood inside while he watched his friend Seth jumped from the side into the pool. FINALLY he decided to give it a shot.  He was still timid but once we started splashing and doing some spins around he changed his tune.

Like what kid doesn't love a splash fight. I guess it is high time we got him some lessons in the pool as I would hate for him to miss out on any water fun in the future. Thankfully he was annoyed to leave after all this!

The boys loved 'going for walks' in the hallway at the hotel. It was so nice to let them roam and enjoy the excitement of being in a hotel. I remember it vividly from when I was younger. Obviously Neil will be too little to remember but once he caught on to the fact that there was so much to explore just right outside our door, he was set on having the run of the place.

(free fun)

The next morning we went to an incredible farmer's market a couple of blocks away. I was once again FLOORED by what other towns of a similar size have to offer that Saint John just can't seem to make happen. This market is one of two in the area and was choc full of fresh veggies, meats, cheese, pastries, crafters and artisans. I was blown away. It reminded me of the Halifax market when it was back in the old Keith's brewery. 

I had positively THE BEST breakfast sandwich I have ever had. 


We left by mid-day for the drive back and have spent the rest of the weekend catching up on work and cleaning up the homestead. We had some people in on Saturday and we played some guitar which was a nice change. 

Hope you all had an awesome holiday! 

(Two wubbanubs are always better than one) 

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  1. love love love!! and esp love the first pic of you two!!xoxox