Monday, 10 June 2013

little corners.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I hate cleaning. Tidying is fine. I can stack all kinds of piles all around the house no problem. But that baseboard scrubbing, inside of the fridge cleaning and moving around the couch business is probably at the top of my list of the most dreaded tasks. 

It finally got to the point that it NEEDED to be done so I am celebrating by taking a bunch of photos of the areas around my house that I am much more excited to hang around in now.

Because that is the thing! It really is worth it in the end. I feel like I bought a whole new house! For this ONE evening this abode is so fresh smelling and delightful! I am REVELING in case you can't tell. My happy dance has thus, extended to the blog! Because that is what having a blog is all about! celebrating clean houses on a bi-annual basis!

Finally I can watch Nurse Jackie! (wine in hand)

Sort of folded....


Elmo & Muno discussing current events.

not even dusty!

Pug is supremely pleased.

So many options for sitting! 

needs updating! 

even the guest room got some attention.

NOT the usual. 

he loves paging through his stories before he drifts off. 

Thanks for celebrating with me via this post. These little corners are sure to be in disarray by morning but that is what this whole awesome mom gig is all about. One minute of peace followed by another of chaos. Celebrating the smaller victories honestly, keeps me sane. So cheers to all you incredible mamas out there doing the best you can on the daily. 

/end explosion of randomness! xo


  1. love love LOVE!I must try it sometime!haha

  2. Quite enjoyed browsing your blog! I have family ties in S.J. and therefore appreciate the occasional snapshot of what's going on. Plus you've got all the best GIF's (Nurse Jackie, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.). Highly entertaining, I shall add you to the blog roll.
    Meg fr. Mtl.