Friday, 7 June 2013

live life.

oh what a night. My legs have that awesomely familiar ache from walking, ducking and stooping in high heels while seeking images of some of beautiful and inspiring people. I ADORE witnessing this stuff and feel re-committed every time I see movers and shakers and all that they can create from nothing. It makes you want to keep going, keep creating and keep on keeping on. 

I had kind of a down week in general and this event helped me press the reset button. 

I was lucky enough to attend the Live Life Uptown Awards gala as a member of the paparazzi. Surrounded by some amazing photographers and getting to talk shop with them was super awe inspiring. I still have so much to learn so when people are encouraging it really does make all the difference. 

This is why this event was so great. The feeling of community was simply infectious. 

Here are some of my snaps from the 'red carpet'. We joked throughout the evening that we were probably the most politely received 'paparazzi' that there ever done was. Pretty much everyone thanked us for taking their photo. 

Mover & Shaker Barb Crawford

the gorgeous Courtney Gallery

the always dapper Graeme Stewart-Robertson

his excellency Mayor Mel Norton 

the steamers lobster crew! 

darling friends Kim, Eric & Deirdre 

event graphic designer Lise Hansen

The always creative (and hilarious)  Greg Hemmings & acre architects Monica/Stephen

Heck yes. 

Special thanks has to go out to Judith Mackin over at TUCK studio for her incredible vision in creating and directing this event. 

For more photos head on over to my facebook to see a whole bunch of gorgeous people! 

It is awesome when you live in a place where people legitimately WANT you to succeed and prosper. I really felt the love last night. Thank you Saint John for making me want to live life. to the fullest. always.