Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dave's Produce Pack adventure and Thai Zucchini Fritters

I swear I couldn't help but take one zillion photos today. Everything was popping out at me and so I thought it would be easier if a one hour excursion was compressed into handy collages instead of the scroll fest to end all scroll fests. 

I decided to load up the stroller and take the time to walk uptown to get our weekly veggies from the incredibly hardworking gang from Dave's Produce Packs. It has been pretty hot around here but the temp was just perfect for a hilly walk. Leaving the north end from where we are means at least 2 giant hills. I am actually an expert at hill avoidance. I have heard from my Dad this is a family trait. This useful gene is especially valued when you are pushing a 30lb toddler and 10lbs of veggies. 

We set off up and then down our first hill. Which is fabulously overgrown with wildflowers. There are a few parts of the city left untrimmed and I quite like it. Waves of gorgeous yellow flowers everywhere you look! 

Our first stop was Corn Crib Naturals for some pasta I have been looking for. The girls were super sweet with Neil and he actually said goodbye to them which he usually doesn't say until the stranger is long out of sight.

We walked through the side streets for a bit. I miss that most about being uptown. The ability to wander and see how window displays have been updated. Plus coffee. Always coffee. 

I showed Neil the doorstep of our old apartment we had with a friend. 
Apt 6 forever! 

Then we took the boardwalk down to their Thursday location at Harbour Passage. 

My Saint John boy! 

It was then that the bounty was laid before us! All kinds of goodies! 

I was lucky enough to have the walk home to contemplate what I was going to do with some of my selections. 


(can you believe this is 40 bucks?!)

I had mentally noted a recipe Gina had put up earlier this week and thought I could figure it out pretty easily. As per usual, I only loosely followed the particulars recipe but she had the texture components DOWN. I was worried these would be all soggy because zucchini is basically one hair away from being a watery cucumber in my opinion. I am honestly not a fan of zukes but this recipe changed my mind. 


Thai Zucchini Fritters

With a grater in hand I went to work at using the finer option and grated two medium zucchinis. I then put all of the gratings (shavings? one of the two words ha!) into a strainer. I proceeded to make sure I got most of the moisture out. I just picked it up with my hands in small portions and squeezed away until the mixture was nice and fluffy. I really think this made a big difference. 

I then got together all of my dry ingredients which included:

1 tsp. Cayenne
1 tsp. Curry
1 tsp. Cumin
2 tbs ground flax
1 c. almond meal 
2 Grant's free range eggs 

Once you have your zucchini all sorted out. Add all the ingredients and mix away! Heat your stove top and add a splash of olive oil and pan sear until they are browned on both sides. I left mine for about 4-5 minutes. 

Yup. This did not take long. I imagine they would taste pretty good with peanut sauce or cashew cream. I was really glad to use up two weeks worth of zucchini with this one. And I have leftovers for tomorrow so WIN/WIN.

You guys should definitely check out this regional gem. One day in late spring I went through their photos on their facebook and just dreamed of a day like today. Summer can stay forever. I am totally down with that. 

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