Thursday, 18 July 2013

millennial tawk.

So something happened recently that struck me funny. I was at a wedding for Greg's cousin and the group was primarily made up of people in their late 20s / early 30s so the DJ was pulling out all kinds of hits from our Millennial era of music. (Think, 'whoop there it is')

When you first start really listening to music you pay SO much careful attention to it. Everyone talks and inquires about their favorite type of music. I vividly remember it defining all sorts of other aspects of my life and the people I gravitated towards. 

In hearing all of these old songs again I started to feel so dated! There is now over a decade between me and this pretty pivotal point in my life. After dancing like fools at this wedding and knowing every word of every song: 

(photo cred: Laura Galbraith)

(Erin & I blatantly having no fun at all.)

It was then I started making more of an effort to look at all those old songs again. Then I was in for a real surprise.

All of the videos I looked up looked so old and low budget! People make so much fun of the crazy 80s etc. Well, they should be wary of the late nineties. They are certainly just as hilarious. 

Here are some examples:

Santa Monica by Everclear. The graphics are amazing. Link to video here.

Who can forget Little Black Backpack by Stroke 9!? Lots of smashing of household objects in this video . Classic 90s music video move. also, plastic bead curtains.

My final example is one that, over the years, I have encountered people who know all of the words to this insanely speedily sung song. 
Hit-makers Third Eye Blind of course!
 I remember writing out all of the lyrics to this song.
In listening to the lyrics now, I cannot even believe I was allowed to listen to it. Oh, the naivety of the young. This video is also chock full of late nineties imagery. Lots of thoughtful looks into the camera, a vague story line, 
and scooters?

Looking back on all this stuff really was the first time I felt my age and the actuality of the years that have past. My young cousin Allie actually just wrote a post on her past year which is pretty incredible. Thinking about what she has in store for her is so exciting for me to watch, let alone for her to experience. 

A ten year gap is HUGE but also totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, it is a big of enough amount of time to really notice a marked change in so many things. 

When you turn 20, you don't have the same appreciation for 'what life was like when you were 10'. This 19-29 year span has meant so much more and has had more to do with who I am as a person than either of the other two decades. It is pretty wild to reflect on and to have actual vivid memories of this period and to notice SUCH a difference. 

I so hope that we all have a sense of humor about who we were and what we liked and how we dressed. I am loving getting lost on youtube with all of these old songs. Remembering driving around listening to them and really getting 'deep' into the lyrical meanings (ha!). 

With this knowledge in my pocket, I am sure my 40 year old self is going to think my 30 year old self was such a weirdo! I do hope, now knowing what looking back 10 years is like, that I will just own whatever dumb things I liked at the time. It really makes looking back at the past a lot more fun I think. 

What are some of your (embarrassingly) favorite songs of your youth? 

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