Thursday, 11 July 2013

summer bloggin' & lodgings

I have been light on the blogging lately due to summer just being too much fun this year. I am finding it to be a trend in the blog world actually. Most of my favs aren't keeping up like they do in the school year months but that is totally cool because I know, when summer is as short as it is, the last thing you want to be doing is parking yourself at a computer. 

We have been trying to get outside as much as possible. I work from home with Neil under my feet most of the time so after a day of writing we are beyond ready to hop out the door to play outside. 

Last year we celebrated TEN weddings with friends and family and this year we only have 4 on the roster, three of which have already passed us by. The world has been our oyster and we are loving it. Lots of walks around the neighborhood and a few excursions to the woods and beach here and there. 

This leads me to a hidden gem in our area: Ridgeback Lodge and Cabins. We went here for Canada Day Eve with a big group of friends and simply had a blast for a very reasonable price. These spots were SO tidy and sweet. They have all the fixings for a backyard BBQ and a campfire in the sweetest of settings. And it is only 40 minutes from town on the Kingston Peninsula. You really feel like you are off the grid too which is super special.

If you have a few friends and want a great spot to get together this is definitely the place. The kids had the BEST time. 

The whole experience was really reminiscent of my childhood at my grandmother's cottage. The kids running around all evening and then whisked off to bed so the parents can all sit up late at the campfire. And despite a few wake-ups and a tiresome Canada Day, it was all totally perfect. Can't wait to try this spot out again. 

Hope you all have the perfect summer weekend! 

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