Saturday, 9 November 2013

24 months.

A two year old has emerged. This is the two year anniversary of the eve of your birth. You went to bed at 7. It was a wild day with you. Your toddler spirit is  THRIVING to say the least.

Your dad and I got you an 'eyes' cake aka Lightening McQueen cake. We constantly talk about how you are the sweetest thing and also the most 'spirited' (well, stubborn and impatient) little being. Your emotions are proudly worn on your sleeve which, according to your grandparents, your mother and father also were champions of displaying. Your tendency toward drama is my favorite. Even when you're causing a scene I secretly can't wait to tell your dad about the incident. 

Waking out of a dead sleep, immediately wondering where your Elmo Hat is (mellmo aat in Neil phonics) or when you point out a blue Hyundai wagon and say -nana carcar-. You simply MAKE our day. 

Your precious personality is starting to form. We love you to pieces but it's even more magnificent to get to LIKE you. Watching  you become the person you were always meant to be is beyond words. 

You're already the most sensitive, sweet and naturally humored child I've ever laid eyes on. You are 2 and you 'get jokes'. 

We love and cherish you so much. You made us a family sweet boy!

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