Friday, 22 November 2013

why i like the internet.

When you start to feel your age I find you really get into the habit of lamenting. Bringing in your forlorn feelings about 'when things were simpler/better/less this/more that'. And so on and so forth. I am sure you get the idea. 

People in my age bracket have grown up with the internet. From using ICQ, having a tragic old hotmail username and MSNing til the wee hours, we have pretty much used everything and watched the internet unfold before our eyes. 

We have always lived a part of our lives online.The amount we share is truly dependent on who we are as people at its most basic levels. Friendly, shy, boastful, opinionated, whatever your personality type, from my experience act the same way online. These things are just magnified and able to be captured for all to see. 

Our world is changing and so is the way we associate with each other. Being plugged into other people's activities, bright moments and sometimes momentous occasions is a pretty incredible thing we are able to say we can do. We are lucky that we get to be included in that little bit of happiness and to offer a like or a kind comment. 

Same thing goes for discussion. Seeing people make points and (sometimes) have productive disagreements is usually excellent reading and helps promote an issue in our world we may not have been aware of. 

The sharing of music/movies/food/tv shows/hilarious things is like having a curated version of the things I am interested in right in front of me. Greg and I will sometimes sit and rattle off highlights to each other also known as modern day newspaper browsing with my husband. 

We still go outside. We still see our friends. Have jobs. Take our kid places. We're all just documenting it for our own benefit and to share a bit of our day and talk about it with my friends and family. 

A friend posted a cute picture of her kid this evening that sparked this little post. I am grateful to get to see my cousins and friends have cute babies, get married, be their own cool selves. Never in time has that been possible. 

i know there are many downfalls about the internet. It's talked about frequently. But this is also true of life outside the internet. Terrible people are allowed to use the internet too. You just have to be aware and use common sense. (again also, like in life) 

yeah so basically, never read the comments. 

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