Wednesday, 24 September 2014

First post in forever : (of course beyonce related)

Okay. Say what you will about Beyonce. But! She is portraying her authentic personality. You don’t imagine/perform things like ‘Haunted’ and ’No Angel’ if you don’t have a bit of a dark and introspective side. Humans have the capacity to do so much. Mrs Carter tests the limits of what is "acceptable" now.  Being a mother does not end your feminine and individual existence. Being sexual, strange, being glamorous, polished, rugged and filthy all at the same time. All genuine feelings we should get to be experienced. All fulfilling, hilarious, heart-rattling humanizing moments that harm no one. Be in love, be crazy and be wonderful. Stop chastising people for being expressive, different, norm challenging types. 

The other favourably innovative element of the On the Run tour is the unique blend of the Jay Z set and the Beyonce set. One is not valued more than the other. There is no headliner. All is equal. IMAGINE. 

This popular example is proving things are changing.

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