Wednesday, 17 December 2014

lady times.

Okay, so lately I've been confronted with the evident passage of time, a further understanding of dominate personality types and the colourful filers people have on life.

It's been an overwhelming year. Racist/Authoritarian Brutality, Major Gender Discussions, Wealth Distribution Disputes & of course, NB Votes.

After last year's Christmas domino effect of tragedies, it's been a humbling year watching all of these gripping events & dialogue rain down so consistently over the course of 2014.

The one that has hit closest to home is the issue of feminism. I have been in the mindset of thinking 20 years ago was the 1970s until way too recently. I grew up with the perception that being girl in this world was really not that restrictive. I have had access to just as many sports teams, academic opportunities, jobs and have had the opportunity to have my own apartment, money, car, life direction etc.

I am incredibly grateful for the progress that has been made. It is mind boggling to think of women 70 years ago in the mid 1940s. End of a major war with their men, en route home, with the restrictive options of getting married or venturing into a limited career role. We would BALK at that notion now.

That being said, it is not as if the mindset of the 'natural' place for women has been erased from the societal psych.  It has certainly become much more subtle and I know that I am much more sensitive to it as I get older and become more aware.

The self doubt over whether or not I am being too sensitive is the real problem I think. Everything I've had the privilege of being displayed in life has taught me how to treat people. The awareness that comes from age is teaching me that the way 'SOME' men assume it is okay treat women on this earth is just not okay.

It is truly subtle. A playful too-close hug. A mildly suggestive comment or an agressive & dominate attitude. And honestly, it is also the very-real fear that me calling out any of these things publicly is going alter relationships I have with male counterparts from now on.

The attitude towards this stuff really has to change. There is no reason for it. All of the nuts and bolts have fallen into place. Women have the access to all of these great opportunities now. How about we take it to the next level and decide to eradicate the attitudes that perpetuate these antiquated tendencies.

The 1990s is my new 1970s. Laughing at the crazy outfits included. We've modernized our pant legs, so perhaps attitudes toward women is next.

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