Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Clean Up #CommunitySJ CHALLENGE!

Okay! So, I posted a list of things to make Saint John better here recently. I have gotten such a lovely response from that post & I can't thank all you guys enough!!

This week my husband and I decided, along with some awesome friends, to just get out with our preschoolers and start picking up junk in our neighbourhood.

It was not a pretty sight to say the least but it took much little effort than all of us imagined. We are planning for more evening clean ups in the future! 

SO! I thought! Let's have a little #communitySJ challenge! I'm offering up $50 gift certificate to Brunswick Square for the person who submits a photo of the trash they pick up in their neighbourhood!

I put out the challenge on Loyalist City Newschasers and I'm adding the readers here and my Facebook & Twitter followers to join in. Let's do it! 

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