Friday, 5 June 2015

elastic heart

Anyone else a closet Sia fan? Elastic Heart has become my theme song and my newest feminist experience.

You see. I am a depression and anxiety sufferer. This past year has been extremely insightful. I've had moments of feelings of extreme failure, humiliation and just pure exhaustion. The problem with a person like me is that I feel too hard. Both good and bad. The book I've read on it and would recommend to anyone who feels similar is Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron.

The book highlights the 20% of the human population that have bodily reactions to moods, fears and upsets. Being 31 now, I feel like I have a bit of perspective on the matter.

When I was younger (and til now really) I was an extremely moody child.  The slightest thing would have me in a bawl fest. WAY beyond when it was appropriate to be like that. (Props to my parents in all this by the way <3)

I won't bore you with all the details but it was dramatic. As I look back and realize what types of behaviours have become problematic for me, it was all of those ones. The extreme sensitivity in all situations. I am not being negative toward myself either. I have also been extremely fun and social through this period of my life. Depression isn't always debilitating, and I would argue that is because the lion's share of us suffer from it in some degree so we all get along swimmingly.

Anyway, back to Sia. The elastic heart. I reckon that is what it takes to be a part of the world today. It is overwhelming to feel for everything. Toughening up is the only way I see myself thriving.  In my case, I have turned to modern medicine to try and help me.

I wanted to write this because I think that if you are feeling bad about yourself or your situation in any way, that you should get out there and get help. Your talents, strengths and capabilities are all clouded when you're feeling like that. Don't waste precious time not allowing yourself to thrive.

Your mind and mental health is a gift. Take care of yourself. As this beautiful new brand says, 'Selfcare is not Selfish'

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